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Pub Crawl at Expo

Kroegentocht / Barathon / Rally Café


Together with Unveil Arabia, we are organizing a 'typical' Belgian Pub Crawl on the Dubai Expo site.
There will be one 'pub crawl' per month (January, February & March), so one per Expo district. 

The concept is simple :

We'll send you on a 'treasure hunt and challenge tour' to discover 6 pubs and their specialties!

You'll be divided in groups of around 10 people (depending on the number of participants).

Instructions to find your next stop will be given during the journey.

Once arrived at the bar you are free to drink and/or eat and spend as much/little time as you want.

We might even give you some F&B suggestions or deals we managed to get.

For those participating in all 3 Pub Crawls, a lottery will define the winner

of the grand prize : A free Journey to the Heart of the Emirates

for family and friends, sponsored by Unveil Arabia.



Saturday March 12th starting at 6pm (sharp)



Sustainability District Expo 2020 Dubai



50AED participation fee (which includes a special Pub Crawl t-shirt)

Of course you'll have to pay for your own drinks and food,

and obviously the Expo entry.


Koenraad & Jan



 Registration (form below) to confirm your presence.

Number of participants is limited!

Pre-payment is required, more details will follow once registered.


Location map
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